5 methods to strengthen the psychic powers

Published: 02nd September 2008
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1. In order to become a psychic, a considerable amount of meditation is required which is completely based on "Paranormal-Ability" which defines the process of being calm and cool while being indulged in various types of activities such as divinatory healing and spiritualism which is beyond the open window of the supernatural and natural world to observe as there are various kinds of spiritual beings which include ghosts, giants, witchcrafts etc. and to combat them silently and capture them and keep them within your control is what truly defines psychic intellect.

2. Reading certain journals, novels, books and going through certain online articles related to this topic would definitely help in the development of paranormal psychic understanding which in turn is brought about by months of religious practice and a profound belief In the self, thus becoming a psychic reader.

3. The 15 minutes of "Yoga" done in pin drop silence which is clearly practical and knowledgeable in nature is not at all difficult. In order to practice this, during bedtime, lock your room and switch off the lights in your room and close the window, close your mouth, eyes and sit in absolute silence for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Feel the splendor of the natural and supernatural word and inhale and exhale smoothly. Being in complete silence, you are to focus on the simple fact that the universe of space/time, stars, moon, mountains, sky, streams and landscape which capture all sorts of psychic-cosmos which in reality requires your mind, soul and body. After a while, open your eyes and you will give a sigh of relief and it is not even a psychic exercise!

4. To be aware of the psychic cosmos, getting in touch with live online psychic readers can also prove to be helpful. Doing that will enable you in acquiring help in various psychic arts provided you follow them precisely. These online psychic readers will provide with less expensive and bulk of information and psychic knowledge regarding different types of psychics which include aura psychic, love psychic, astrology, tarot card reading, palm psychics, magical spells psychic reading, distant mind reading, phone psychic, online psychic and live online psychic development.

5. A "Guru" can guide you to the territory of psychic development by teaching the various arts of mysticism, clairvoyance, foretelling, spiritualism, and seer, etc., therefore choosing a Guru should be your foremost decision and wisest. Having faith in your guru and satisfying yourself with his teaching will be a reward earned in time. Meanwhile, you can familiarize yourself with different sorts of arts such as white magic, , ghosts, evil spirits, black magic, witchcrafts and good spirits, etc. and with the passage of time, you would develop the exclusive psychic ability to cure mankind and this ability will be yours forever.

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