Art of Palmistry (A Description)

Published: 03rd July 2008
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Origin of palmistry

Palmistry (palm reading) is emerged from the Greek word "chiromancy" as the art of foretelling and foresighting through the study of palms. The art of palmistry dates back some 5000 years ago where it was used to foretelling the past, present and future events through palm readings in the remote multicultural and multi-lingual regions of India consisted on the race of Hindus. With the passage of time, palmistry spread to China, Persia, Tibet, Egypt, Greece and other parts of Europe.

Exclusivity of palmistry

Palmistry is basically originated as a technique of psychoanalysis for personality evaluation through reading of one's palm to attain information, for example poignant propensity, panic, obstruction, and power. Palmistry is used to getting in touch with both physical and psychological structure and to know bout various patterns of behaviors of a man i.e, his/her positive and negative psychic and body language by palm psychic judgment. The preliminary objective of palm reading is to find out the person's traits either good or bad, but the actual motive of palm reading is to replace those individual traits which are known as habitually bad traits or characteristics.

Emergence of pseudoscience into modern palmistry

Palm reading is instigated as a "pseudoscience" means a science of systematic theories, assumptions, hypothesis, methods, and approaches erroneously regarded as scientific. So, pseudoscience is actually reflected us towards odds methods and theories regarding the palm and psychic readings and healings. But, it is believed that pseudoscience had been a study of science especially for the school children in the past times. Now, pseudoscience has been emerged into modern science of psychic, such as tarot psychic, love psychic, distant psychic, phone psychic, astrology, paranormal science and telepathic emergence, etc.

Functionality of palmistry

Palm reading contain various kinds of methods before its beginning, such as the palmist would go into world of imaginations and abstractions. He would observe, recall, and control upon good/bad spirits of space and time, eventually gather in the eyes of palmist sitting nearby him/her. All of a sudden, the palmist start psychic reading of a man (he/she) by checking his/her hands, finger, thumbs, lines, colors, body designs, shapes, curves, etc. After reading the palms of the person, the palmist would pen-down some of the data in a paper. In the meanwhile, the palmist immerses himself/herself into world of imaginations talking and connecting with spirits beings in a quite silent manner beyond the world of naturalism and supernaturalism and bring about a cure for the needy victim, hence the patience get both physically and psychologically healed by the palmist through his/her various magical spells and fells a sigh of a relief.

Mysticism of palmistry

There are a lot of spiritual concerns of the palmists, such as divination, mysticism, paranormal activity, telepathy, spiritualism, and clairvoyant psychics, etc. These are all the psychic concerns for the palmists as they will have to go into such practices by leading themselves into world of mysteries, hidden truths, and by following the teachings of his/her Guru. A person can never become a palmist until he/she does select his/her palmist (Guru) for their psychic concerns in order to become spiritual palmists. While seeing at this contemporary situation of palm readings, we can elucidate now, palm reading is the " sciences of science" means the art of judging the personality traits by seeing at various hands curves, lines, colors, shades, thumbs and nerves ,etc. in order to foretell about past, present and future life-events.

Palmistry evaluation

Concisely, we can say that palm reading is the arts of art, sees at palms through deep psychic ability, scientific knowledge, information, astrological sensations, and mysterious paranormal activity in order to fore-tell an individual's life and his/her betterment of life. Today, millions of people have a strong belief in palmistry, such as film stars, political leaders, general public, and many others.

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