Cultural & Mythical Interpretations (Blazing-Topaz-Gemstone)

Published: 02nd July 2008
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• We find the mysteries and allurement of topaz thousands of years ago. For example, the Egyptian people were used to believing that the gemstones were colored along with the golden radiance of the powerful sun "God Ra" which protected the wearer from impairment and destructions of all kinds.

• For the time being, the Romans had a unique belief about topaz connected to Jupiter. The Roman people were used to saying that topaz gemstones were the God of the sun accordingly their mythology. The word topaz is derived from the Greek word "topazos" which meant "to shine" also called as "fire".

• The gemstones of topaz have a great mythological and mystical aspect in a wide range of cultural symbols and differences. It is a myth that the gem of topaz could drive out attraction and recover the eyesight.

• The ancient Greeks had a belief that topaz could enhance the power and strength during the times of disasters.

• Topaz is also used in order to alter the color in the presence of disillusioned foodstuff or drink.

• Since the evolution of the world, it is believed that the gemstones of topaz have been used in order to heal the pain of asthma, hemorrhages, insomnia, friendship, patience, happiness, entertainment, and trustworthiness.

• Topaz gemstone was a symbol of love, affection and attraction during the times of ancient people. Topaz was also used to protect the people from sudden death.

• Gemstone of topaz contains certain diversifications in its colors such as golden yellow hues, orange yellow topaz, red topaz, honey brown topaz, light green, blue topaz and pink gem, etc. Imperial shades are the exceptional and valuable signs of topaz gemstones.

• Brownish topaz is the most heated gem which generates a constant pink color. Blue topaz is exceptionally famous in the world these days due to its preciseness, conciseness, flexibility, availability and durability.

• An innovative type of superior topaz was prepared and shown in 1998 called as the "surface-enhanced-topaz". These gemstones had the colors and different variety of styles and shades such as greenish-blue topaz and emerald green topaz.

• Today, topaz is mined basically in Mexico, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China and Brazil. Along with a ranking of about "8" on the Mohs scale of resistant, topaz is considered as very hard and durable gemstone for daily wear. But, it is to say that certain sort of care and consideration are required while wearing on the topaz around your neck or wrist, because it is very sparkling and sharp gemstone.

• Today, the most renowned topaz is a "giant specimen set" existing in the Portuguese Crown, the Branganza. It was considered as the solo diamond during that span of time. Another beautiful topaz is the "Green Vault in Dresden" which is situated in Germany these days considered as one of the gemstones collections.

Concluding remarks

In brief, it is to say that topaz gemstones are the gorgeous and sharpening gems these days in the world and they have holistically and historically a great phenomenon carried on since the evolution of the world.

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