To advance the psychic powers use gemstones

Published: 05th September 2008
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There are many crystals, gemstones and minerals that are considered very helpful to enhance the psychic abilities of the person. The healing powers of the gemstones are an open secret and different gemstones have been using for spiritual healing and for the treatment of mental diseases for centuries .There was a time when spiritual healers seemed to heal different mental and physical disorders with the help of different gemstones and minerals and now with the passage of time when this believe in the healing effects of the gemstones should have been decreased, the things seem to act contrarily and once again people are moving towards the spiritual healings that is offered by different means including gemstones.

According to an estimate more than three million people still believe in the healing powers of different gemstones in the US. Similarly, in some European countries the trends to utilizing gemstones for their associated healing effects are emerging once again.

In this age of science and technology, humans have made great progress and they have brought a lot of revolutionary changes in their lives with the help of science and technology. But at the same time, this fast and rapid progress in the field of science and technology has become the cause to deprive humans from the peace of mind and tranquility. They found themselves in a perpetual restlessness and they really need someone help to get rid of their worries and tensions. They contact different psychics and spiritual healers to get rid of their worries and tensions. These psychic and spiritual healers apply different methods to treat these people and the use of gemstones is one of these applied methods.

Let's talk about some such gemstones as are used by the psychic to enhance their psychic ability.

Agate, Amethyst Angelite , Andalusite ,Apatite , Azurite ,Chrysocolla, Coral, Emerald, Howlite, Iolite, Kyanite ,Labradorite ,Lapis lazuli ,Moonstone, Obsidian Sapphire and Sugilite are some of those gemstones that psychics use to enhance their psychic ability. The users of these gemstones believe that they help to give them strength and power and they find the hurdles of their way easily removed because of the healing powers of these gemstones.

These psychics also believe that sometimes, these stones also react in a negative way and emit harmful rays that seem to cast bad impact on the psychic abilities of the psychics. They say in this connection that mostly it happens when the psychics do not take care of the cleanliness of their gemstones. Dirt and other stuff that cling to the surface of these gemstones disturb the flow of rays that these gemstones emit. Thus, it becomes very difficult for the psychic to handle these situations that occur because of their gemstone's negative impact.

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